Aikido of Athens

Welcome to the website of the Aikido of Athens Dojo!

The AIKIDO of ATHENS dojo began in 1990.

It is dedicated to the understanding and development of Aikido as a cultural pursuit. It engages in research, study and training in Aikido, Japanese Koryu, and related arts. Its collaboration with leading teachers and its commitment to Aikido rooted in a spirit of respect and friendship has made it one of the foundational and leading dojos in Greece. Yudansha (black belt holders) from the Aikido of Athens dojo have gone on to create dojos of their own in Athens, around Greece, and abroad.

Notable achievements over the years include:

The Aikido of Athens dojo was the first to invite a teacher from the Aikido headquarters dojo in Tokyo (Aikikai Foundation, Tokyo) to Greece (Yokota Shihan, 2004).

Establishment of international links through exchanges and invitations (Italy, Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Japan, UK, USA).

Creation of their own dedicated space (Dojo) to allow the dojo members to develop and refine their Aikido. The training hall is also used for seminars with experts in various related arts, as well as for hosting visitors from abroad.

The first translation into Greek of the classic Aikido text “Aikido” by Kisshomaru Ueshiba.

A high level of participation by women, which is reflected in the high proportion of women black belts at the dojo.

The implementation of its Aikido for the blind program.

The participation of our Sensei, Janet Clift, as an instructor at the Aikido World Congress in 2016.