BASICS – Introduction to basics of Aikido

(W) – Weapons practice – members should have their wooden weapons (Jo, Bokken) with them

TBRH – Tenshin Buko-ryu Heiho

Iai Batto-Ho

For membership information please call 6932 639 123. 

If you are interested in practicing at Aikido of Athens new members are asked to visit the dojo to observe a practice and to speak to one of the Senseis.

Members should be aware that in order to participate in Aikido practice a reasonable state of health is required. In particular, any problems with the heart or circulation, or with the back, knees, or neck should be checked by a doctor. This is the responsibility of the member. If you have any doubt please consult your personal physician.

New members may use clean loose fitting athletic wear with long sleeves and trousers for the first month. After that a proper Aikido practice suit must be worn. A pair of flip/flops must also be used at all times within the dojo to keep the dojo clean.