What is Aikido?


Aikido is a martial art. As such it involves practicing in dealing with conflict. The founder, Morihei Ueshiba, despite his technical mastery, questioned the value of a path based on victory over others. His struggle with this dilemma led to a profound understanding. It is the basis of modern Aikido, a martial art of refinement and astonishing power.

To grasp its fundamental principle and understand how it differs from other martial arts it is helpful to look at how practice is conducted in more detail here.

founder of Aikido

Is it effective?

The traditional, cooperative method of practice in Aikido is in fact a necessity due to the effectiveness and power of its techniques. Only in this way can truly effective techniques be learnt. The technical base of Aikido includes practicing in pinning, joint locking and throwing techniques. Special practicing methods are used to teach how to control an attacker’s entire body.

In addition, it places strong emphasis on learning basic principles such as:

Controlling distance, timing and balance.

Total Awareness of all aspects of a situation.

Vulnerabilities / Openings – how to limit your own, and take advantage of those present. 

Aikido Benefits

Complete defense against physical attack.

Stamina, speed of reaction, flexibility, fitness and good health.

Improved posture.

Increase your powers of concentration, awareness and observation.

A calm mind and increased confidence.

New awakenings, insights and self-understanding.

Aikido can be practiced with equal effectiveness regardless of age, sex or strength.