Zazen is the method of contemplation and meditation which is the heart of Zen practice. The word Zazen, a Japanese term that stems from the words Za – meaning “to sit” – and Zen-meaning “to meditate and concentrate”. Zazen meditation is a way of vigilance and self-discovery. It is an experience of living from moment to moment, in the here and now, and in all the actions of daily life – eating, sleeping, breathing, walking, working, etc. The practice of Zen meditation has been an adjunct to the practice of Japanese martial arts for hundreds of years, fostering the mental composure and awareness vital for the application of these arts in life and death situations.
At the Aikido of Athens dojo regular meditation is a part of the training schedule for those who wish to experience it. The dojo also collaborates with Zen groups in Greece to participate in seminars with visiting Zen teachers.